Richard Pennell

Special guest

Richard Pennell is a man of many talents – some of you might know him by his twitter alter ego @pitchmarks which has taken the golf world by storm recently. If you haven’t read any of his masterful pieces please follow the link in the show notes to take a peek, I am pretty certain that it will lead to clicking the subscribe button,

Richard is a qualified greenkeeper who turned to the dark side in becoming an Assistant Managing Secretary and progressing to Managing Secretary at his most recent club, Richard has held these positions with distinction at a number of high profile clubs in the greater London area.

I can think of no one better to assist me today in shining a light on the dark arts of grass growing, agronomic planning, Divot and pitchmark repair, the management of member expectations, environment, sustainability and biodiversity and that age old question of whether you need to be certifiable to become a turf professional.

He's great value and a kindred spirit for sure (bar the shed be clear I don't have a shed :)).

We are always keen to welcome professionals with a back catalogue similar to Richard's, I've not managed to put him off yet, so there's hope yet that he may return :).

Richard Pennell has been a guest on 2 episodes.